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Concert Looks and Nostalgic Feels

Its been a while since I posted so forgive me in advance. Just trying to live life as abundantly as possible and recording/taking photos when it makes sense. This blogging life has been a challenge for me and Danielle only because we aren't as consistent as we should be. I keep pressuring myself and thinking oh I need this photo app or this portable booth in order for my content to be beautiful. But the thing is how am I supposed to make something beautiful if I don’t have content to make beautiful. So I’m in this season of sharing my lifestyle versus just creating content and throwing in some lifestyle hacks here and there. I’m going to attempt and try to give you my full lifestyle as much as I can when it makes sense.

This past weekend we had an amazing opportunity to go The Millennial Tour who featured a few artists from back in the Scream Tour Concert days. Yes, I was the same 13-year-old girl I was then at this recent concert held in Philadelphia. It was so much fun and super nostalgic. Everyone had on their throwback 2000s gear which consisted of velour sweat suites and Jersey dresses. I took a modern approach and wore an over-sized buttoned up shirt compliments of my brother along with layering gold chains, white pants and silver pointed mules. Not so 2000s but so 2019 Tiffany!

Danielle wore one of her signature looks an over-sized T-Shirt Dress from Urban Outfitters with a chunky converse heeled boot. Accompanied by a bold Fenty dark lip UNDEFEATED and a ponytail she can whip you into shape with.

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