• Danielle

Your Season Awaits

Almost every October I find myself in the same space. It’s almost inevitable no matter how positive I try to enter this month something always takes a hold of me leaving me feeling uninspired or maybe in this case over-inspired. So many thoughts of things I want to do constantly come across my mind but, they never get a chance to manifest into reality. I can never seem to find my starting point so I just end up doing nothing.

Walking into November I declared that my season is coming and I needed to make room for the new thing that was about to happen in my life. Now I have no idea what that may be because God has not revealed it to me but, I know it awaits. With that being said I decided I needed a fresh start and it was time to purge, literally I needed to do some major cleaning. And when I say clean I mean CLEEEAANNN, I threw out so much stuff it was almost scary how much of a baby hoarder I was. Usually when I clean it’s not really cleaning it just organizing the clutter so it looks presentable but, not this time bags and bags filled my hallway as an I got rid of trinkets, trash and clothes that no longer represent who I am and the person I want to be. Throwing things away with conviction felt so good. Actually saying “This is trash” and not “Oh I should probably keep this” for whatever made up reason was a huge relief. Not only did I purge but I also rearranged furniture to let new energy begin to flow.

Why do we feel the need to hold onto the things that no longer add value to our lives? I will be the first to admit that I do not like change and because of that I’ve probably blocked my own blessings by staying stuck in my ways. In the last couple of years, my personal growth has taught me that I have to accept change and accept that with it comes challenges that are there to elevate me to the next season of my life. Your season awaits are you prepared to accept it.



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