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Things to Know being a Millennial Traveler

So as you all know I am post my 2nd international trip for 2018. Earlier in the year, I was blessed to see India and now I was able to end it with one last international trip before the holidays, which, was to Thailand. When my friends approached me about the idea I was a bit uninterested due to other trips that I wanted to go on. If you haven’t noticed I like to go to the unpopular destinations or to places that aren’t as social media viewed. However, my friends swindled me into going and so here I am telling you all about the amazing time we had. I have already been getting questions on the best way to book a trip WITHOUT a travel agent.

I personally don’t mind travel agents. If you do decide to use one however I would suggest NOT using the mainstream agencies. There are so many other options for you besides your local Liberty Travel, which, I haven’t had the best experiences with. Research will be your best friend if you take the time and do it. I’m lucky enough to have multiple friends who are researchers and penny pinchers so most trips I go on are always under $1800 per person and that includes EVERYTHING even spending money. So if that price is in your price range keep reading.

1.Start with your Dates of Travel -This will give you a gage when looking for flights

2. Start putting trackers on flights to your destination -Great ways to track flights are Google flights and the Hopper app

3. Have a Game Plan and Schedule -Even though you will be tracking flights its good to determine a deadline when certain things will be booked. Such as flights and hotels, this is why it's important to begin tracking your flights at least 4-5 months before your travel date which is also a great time, flights will begin to jump up and down being as its closer to the departure date (They want to sell The seats by that time)

4. Give Friends Certain Tasks -If you are traveling within a country (we did Bangkok and then flew to Phuket) Give a friend or two a hotel to book or flight to track. To make this process simple don’t do it all yourself. Delegate different things to different friends that you know can handle the task.

5. Start a Financial Group Chat -Let the group know how much you paid for something. This way your accounting for the trip can be correct and you are paid back correctly from your other friends if you all chose to divide up the costs. We simply use Cash App when exchanging funds. Also please have a budget when planning for a trip. It's better to know how much you are willing to spend vs just spending it all. Give yourself a figure and by all means, stick to it.

These are some facts that are so necessary when traveling with friends. If there is a big group (6 or more) then I suggest you all assign tasks to the top three most responsible and efficient friends. This will help with maintenance of the travel because it can be difficult when its a large travel party without a travel agent.



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