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How to Ultimately Transition Things in your Life: Starting With Your Hair

So all of us are dealing with life, its ups and, it downs. What I have grown to realize is that so many times we have these ideas and execution plans but no follow-through. That’s when our appointed accountability partners come into action. Then before you know it you soon find out they have their own life to live and can’t hold you responsible for yours anymore. Why is it we always start off strong and then dwindle away into old habits? It’s not only you that it's happening to, believe me, but it also happens to most people.

So this time around I decided that since change isn’t happening for me in one area of my life {career wise) then I would initiate change somewhere else to take my mind off of things. The first thing would be my hair. I feel like since I hold my hair dear to my heart and, known for it being long and healthy. I decided to take a leap of faith and make the radical decision to grow out my relaxer. To some, it’s the norm but to me, this is very taboo. My stylist for almost 20 years stood in the way of this decision along with my values from my mother when it came to my hair. But little did my stylist know she would be the first person to relax my hair and the last.

The beauty standard in regards to black hair care has definitely shifted since I was young. Many naturalistas including our entertainment editor Danielle are post the relaxer epidemic, in fact, the millennials and their children are probably the birth of a new hair era passing by the relaxer boxes at the beauty supply store. Yes! I have embraced this new change along with signing up for new homeowners classes as well. Maybe doing these things will help me not think about what I don’t have but more about what I desire.

Then you have articles that challenge your whole thinking in the beauty realm and I quote hairstylist Nai’vasha Johnson “When you get into perms and relaxers and all of these things to alter what is naturally yours, let’s be honest, it’s embracing a race or nationality that is not your own.” I can’t totally agree with this comment but from my lens on why I still continued to relax my hair is because it simply worked for me and it was easier to manage my coarse and dense hair strands. It has nothing to do with wanting to be someone else. My hair journey had a lot to do with what I already knew which was to relax versus determining who my natural hair was which, to my knowledge from my mother and hair stylist was complicated and thick.

Today you see red carpets, YouTube Tutorials and TV shows with many different natural looks that I know I can achieve eventually and it’s so inspirational. Other women with curly, kinky and coarse hair are jumping on board because they see how you can do beautiful things with your own textured hair. And what my mother and stylist lacked was education on maintaining coarse hair naturally, they wanted convenience and quick results. But now being responsible for my own hair if I had healthy hair with a relaxer then I can achieve even healthier hair without a relaxer.



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