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2018 Fall TV Preview

As Tiff mentioned in her last post this highly anticipated summer was a dud to say this least. It’s disappointment has us really looking forward to fall. Fall fashion, warm apple cider with everything ( shade to all the pumpkin spice lovers…I just don’t know why it’s a thing) and my absolute favorite fall television is back. All of your favorite shows are back with new seasons and I have the scoop with returning favorites and a couple of new shows I think you’ll enjoy. Have I ever steered you wrong with my “Show of the month” trust me I got you.


We all loved Lil Rel in Get Out who seemed to be the only one with some sense. He has a brand new show coming to Fox. Based on his real life, Rel focuses on a man trying to rebuild his life after he finds out his wife had an affair with his barber ( she could have slept with anyone and it had to be him). With a storyline like this one, you can be sure the laughs will keep coming episode after episode. Rel premieres on Fox Sunday, September 23 at 9:30 on FOX


The breakout show from our favorite Ryan Murphy is back with season 2. I have to say once I knew Angela Basset was apart of this project I knew I would be hooked. 911 literally puts us in every worse case scenario and shows all the moving parts it takes to get the job done. Everyone involved is a hero. I am ready to be shocked once again every episode. 911 premieres on FOX Sunday, September 23rd at 8 pm on FOX.

God Friended me

Do we even check our friend request anymore? I know for sure I have a list of pending request. What if one of those requests was from God. That’s exactly what happens in God Friended me. A self-proclaimed atheist who also is the son of a preacher gets a friend request from God who then sends him a request for random people he ends up helping with life or death decisions. God Friended me premiers Sunday, September 30th at 8 pm on CBS


We all have heard about planes that mysteriously go missing and we never hear anything about them again. Apart of me always thinks it’s some type of political agenda to distract us but, the new show Manifest will tell the fictional story of a missing plane that returns. 5 years have passed but the people on the plane have not aged, where did they go? what happened to them? All your questions will be answered Manifest premiers Monday, September 25th on NBC

AHS Apoclypse

This highly anticipated season of American Horror story is what we’ve been waiting for. Now we never get a full explanation of what to expect but this is supposed to be the season that ties all the previous season together. What we do know for sure is the mashup of AHS Murder House and COVEN hands down the best season and the return of Jessica Lange. Knowing that alone I know this season is going to be a banger. AHS Apocalypse airs Wednesday, September 12th, on FX

This Is Us

Yes!!!! The family we fell in love with is back. Time to stock up on Kleenex. After last seasons reveal of Jacks death I really don’t think we can take much more but we know there is more love story to tell. This season will focus more on Jack and Rebecca’s past before the met each other and the courting after their first day. We’ll see the Big 3 take on life as it comes. This Is Us airs Tuesday, September 25th at 9 pm on NBC.



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