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T-Shirts and Trends

Like it or not, summer will be over before you know it. In my personal opinion, this summer was probably my least favorite due to the random weather we have been having on the east coast. It was so hard to actually plan anything on the weekends without keeping in mind the weather. So lately I have been perusing YouTube determining what is popular and “Trending” One thing I have noticed is obviously the t-shirt trend! Something as basic as a T-shirt can leave a prominent impression on people just by a simple passing on a sidewalk. We now have small businesses making huge impactful t-shirts that everyone wants and is willing to rock and style with many silhouettes. I have decided to pick out a few designs that I think speak for themselves. 

While T-shirts are easy and versatile I wanted to also get into how activewear has shaped and impacted the urban community and mainstream fashion definitely wants a taste of. But what can I say no one does it better than the millennials that are actually slaying these looks on an everyday basis effortlessly. So when shopping this fall keep in mind cool, comfy and sporty. Fila is definitely attempting to creep back in too and I’m here for it!

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