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Meaningful Before the Meaningless

Last week I posted a quote that said “Do more of what Matters to you” and it means just that. Most of us work a job that is meaningless to our craft. It’s just there to pay the bills. And I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen people say you can’t work a 9-5 that you hate and not devote that same energy to your dreams. All of this is true but after working that 9-5 which feeds no part of your soul it can leave you feeling very drained; and if you have to go home to a family and be a spouse and a parent I don’t even know where you catch your breaks.

In my last post, I talked about creative spaces and finding the space where you feel the most inspired. Like I mentioned before I’m most creative outside of the home the problem with that is my favorite places to create are typically closed by the time I get off work and fight traffic. So what are my options? Get my ass up and do it before work, duh. Now, lets factor in everything I have to do in the morning shall we; take 30 minutes to actually get out of the bed, go running, shower, get dressed, and make breakfast. How exactly am I supposed to fit in creative time?

I’m always listening to interviews with people who inspire me and one thing they all have in common is they get up at 5 am. Ava does it, Spike Lee does it and I see myself having careers like theirs so naturally, I guess I have to get up at 5. More importantly than the early rise is doing what matters to me before anything else. I’ve committed myself to writing and working out before I go to work because they are things that I actually WANT to do every day, unlike the job that I HAVE to do. So if waking up at 5ish is what I have to do to be able to cater to my craft properly then that’s what has to be done. Being able to start my day by doing things that are meaningful automatically puts me in a good mood because I’m doing something for myself. Life is life and we all have shit that has to be done but, before you get into the OMG I have so much to do today, take an extra 20 minutes and do something for you and see how it improves your day.



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