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Is Your Creative Space the Reason for Your Roadblock?

For every creative at some point in time we find ourselves at a creative roadblock. All of sudden nothing seems inspiring and you find yourself staring at your laptop fingers to keys hoping to spew some magic; but, no you just stare back at your reflection in the empty screen. Life is always in flux and takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions, which could trigger our lack of inspiration; but, one thing that can be easily fixed is changing your creative space.

We all have that place that sparks our creativity. Some of us feel comfortable outside, in a coffee shop, or being like Brandy and sitting up in our room. For me I get my best work done outside of the home. I love finding quaint coffee and tea shops to release my creative energy. ( no shade to Starbucks but it’s really too loud). The reason I believe I’m more productive outside of the home is because I physically have to go somewhere to get work done just like any other job. Depending on what I’m working on for that day I’ll specifically block out a certain amount of time to complete my task. I even go as far as packing water and snacks if I know I’m in for the long haul.

Different atmospheres, smells, and sights all can be new sources of inspiration to finish that thing you’ve been working on. Personally I have multiple creative spaces I like to visit because each one brings something different out of me. Not to mention I just always feel really cute and trendy sitting at a sidewalk café with my laptop looking super important. I challenge you, the next time you’ve hit a creative roadblock to simply change your creative space and, see what inspiration flows. If you want to catch me at my favorite creative spaces check out Feine (Conshohocken) Chestnut Hill Coffee Company (Chestnut Hill) Uncle Bobbies Coffee & Books (Germantown) Random Tea Room ( Northern Liberties) or sitting in the grass waiting for my laptop to die on Kelly Drive.



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