• Danelle

We Are Wakanda

WAKANDA FOREVERRRRRR! I know I’m not the only one still on a high, feeling like I can do anything because “who gon check me boo” I just saw Black Panther. Don’t worry this isn’t a spoiler alert if you have yet to see the film and, yes I am side-eyeing you if you haven’t because what exactly were you doing all weekend. I will say this my people, my people we showed up and showed out for this film. Black Panther was estimated to bring in 218 million over the weekend making Marvel box office history for opening weekend. It was so beautiful to see how we all rallied behind this movie and pulled in the numbers. I mean the timing was just perfect not only was this film highly anticipated but it opened during Black History Month and on a holiday weekend two snaps for that.

Like I mentioned the movie left me feeling like I could do anything, I don’t have to ask for permission not only to dream but, execute those dreams. Just the outpour of support, unity, and love for this film was beautiful to witness. We’re all ready to pack our bags and move to Wakanda, (actually I’m waiting for Obama to reveal that he is a Wakandan spy and is ready to take us all back) but, what if we can be our own Wakanda. Now we may not be that technologically advanced but, what we can do is unite in other aspects the same way we came together to pull numbers for this film.

Imagine if we took this same behavior and poured into our communities and black-owned businesses. African Americans hold the buying power if we fueled that into our own establishments we could put major companies out of business. We must take action in that same way; more often now we’re having talks surrounding legacy and, building something to be passed to the next generation. We’ve seen what can happen when we show up in numbers and it’s time to regenerate the power more now than ever.

Before we can start to shift our power we have to remember where ideas get started; in the home. I myself am not a parent but, I have some amazing ones. I can honestly say my parents have always supported my goals. They’ve never looked at me like I was crazy or gave me a million reasons as to why it wouldn’t work. It’s because they could see my passion for who and what I want to be. That excitement I get when I talk about projects I’m working on lets them know that I know my purpose and, as long as I know that, I will always be successful. Parents must create a space to allow their children to dream, just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean that your child cannot be the first. Absolutely! representation matters and often we cannot see it for ourselves if it's never been done. Instead of saying it’s impossible, let them know that they can make history.

Just think if we all were doing the thing we were meant to do and had the massive support, we could move the power of the Black American. We must show up in numbers for one another in our community, it’s the only way we will thrive. We hold the power we are Wakanda.



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