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Meeting of the Sexes

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships we all want to know what the opposite sex is really thinking. Most of us have a preconceived notion of how we think a potential partner operates based on our own experiences but, no man to woman, woman to woman, or man to man experience is the same. Last week we put it all out there at Meeting Of the Sexes presented by Urgent365.

Did you notice it’s called Meeting and not Battle of the sexes because the event was designed to have a conversation and communicate; which we discovered throughout the night from topic to topic that communication is key. A good mix of men and women were in attendance which made for really good conversation and opposing opinions. A panel of experts including Marriage and Family therapist Ryan McMillian Sexologist Trish and resident married person Dee Brown. After answering a brief questionnaire to break the ice, we were split into smaller breakout groups to get out of our comfort zone and really have these conversations. Topics such as “Is marriage no longer a priority for millennials” and “How much should a woman ride or die” fueled the dialogue. After speaking at our table the questions were then brought to the entire room as an open forum to hear what everyone thought.

It was very stimulating to hear one the male perspective of course we always want to know what they’re actually thinking but what was even more interesting was hearing women who were different from myself. When the topic of is marriage no longer a priority for millennials was presented a woman I was sitting with expressed that she never wanted to get married. That she couldn’t see herself committing to anyone for a lifetime. Now typically we would expect that to be a more male response but, to actually hear it from a women was eye opening. In between topics we enjoyed performances from MTA and Bee Maverick who were both bomb AF and flowed beautifully with the night.

As I mentioned before our key takeaway from the night was that communication is key. If we could all be honest about who we are and what we want there would be no room for miscommunicated disappointment. Lets be honest we rely too much on assumptions an inevitably end up hurting ourselves all because we failed to communicate. If you want to get in on the conversation be sure to follow Urgent365 to make sure you’re at the next Meeting of the Sexes.



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