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The Uncle You Never Knew You Had

It’s Saturday, all your friends are busy with other obligations, your go to’s are officially unavailable and you could probably get some work done. You are at home and as the day continues to slip away and the sun is at its highest. The lovely nap feature of your body sinks in and you are all of a sudden sleepy. Don’t fall for it sis! Get up and go. This was my scenario this weekend so I had to use my solo dolo card. I didn’t have any engagements and I was off from my part-time job. So as I perused my Black Wall Street app in hopes to fill the random void of inspo and culture.

I was looking for an experience that would wake me up and keep me going. The app helped with many restaurants in my area but, this particular Saturday I wanted something to do with the culture. When I say “ the culture” I mean my culture, my people, the ones that look like me and also act like me. As I scroll down my timeline now desperate for something to do, I suddenly remembered a new black-owned bookstore that was mentioned in church months prior. As I Googled “Uncle Bobbie” due to its familiarity in the name Uncle, something that we all find comfort in saying, Uncle Bobbie's Coffee and Books popped up. And so it was set, I found a place to go, boredom be gone. So here it is 6 hours later, 5 jobs applied to, email marketing campaign begun and a French Vanilla Mocha finished I still sit. I decided to begin this blog while sitting in the bookstore to allow you to capture this amazing ambiance.

In the middle of the coffee counter are floating pages from a book as a beautiful centerpiece. I’ve been here for some time now to people-watch and also ear hustle. Conversations about love and goals suffocate the room. The playlist is super perfect with J.Cole, Bryson Tiller, and Nao to name a few along with select throw backs for the old heads that are also here. The back of the shop has almost a study vibe with wall to ceiling bookshelves and, a long table for communal working and collaborating. Black people reading, writing, and having amazing and much-needed conversations. All of this is all me, that’s all I can honestly think as I looked around the coffee shop. God allowed me to find peace in being alone and, the return on investment was unexpected with all the work I was able to complete.

Uncle Bobbies Book Shop is so homey but yet so motivating as you have others around you with the same “We Have Work To Do” mindset. How could you not love Uncle Bobbie! Expect strangers to check up on the work you are doing as you so diligently type, expect amazing looking black men and women, expect the magic of being amongst the mainstream black excellence that’s around but we so rarely see all this together in a room. Honestly, being around the culture makes such a difference compared to sitting in Starbucks or Panera Bread and I wish there were more places like Uncle Bobbies that I knew of. But it all starts with one business and imagine all the businesses that Uncle Bobbies helps just by being such a bomb destination for upcoming brands and businesses to get work done.

I’m completely in love with my new family member and all that he has to offer me as a black blogger in America. All I can honestly say is we are definitely on the rise with black enterprise and black-owned businesses. Success isn’t selfish and if we continue with our healthy habits there will be other businesses that inspire and cultivate all the success Black America has to offer.



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