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How to Wear Ripped Jeans in the Winter

Typically, I know ripped jeans aren’t a thing when it comes to the winter months. I know much of my personal style becomes much more layered and tattered chic during this brisk climate change. However, I have seemed to start wanting to sport my ripped jeans more often. As I ponder how I can incorporate my ripped denim into my wardrobe I begin to realize the best way to accomplish it without freezing is layering my look. So I searched around for some leggings soon after noticing my black leggings were not elevating my look. The goal is to know that you have layered your denim so I decided to go for red undertones in this look.

Long Johns anyone? Yes! Who said that they are meant to only be seen by the inside lining of your jeans. These red thermal printed long johns are from PINK they gave my yellow denim such a great contrast. I continued on with mixing prints and textures, something you all know I’m good for! I styled this look with cheetah booties and a peek-a-boo aqua velvet top. The tweed crop jacket tied this whole look together to add-in a splash of sophistication to this blended look. Be daring and try mixing textures in your next look or even pull out the ripped jeans sooner than later.

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