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Being the Mogul of Your Calling

And on Wednesday’s we network! January 10, 2018, marked the 2nd anniversary for Moguls in Media a platform for established journalist, TV/Radio Personalities, Writers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Stylists and more to come together to empower those on the rise in their respective industries. Moguls in Media was created for creatives to invest in their belief and become moguls in their respected industries.

In the beginning of the week, we received a bright email from Moguls in Media requesting for Hashtags and Highheels presence in the room the night of the 10th. Without hesitation, we cleared our schedule and made sure we were there to support our new sister friend Darcel Laurie a journalist from the Philadelphia area being published in Sheen Magazine and Industry Rules Magazine. Darcel was also featured in VH1 “La La’s Full Court Life” when the light bulb went off to begin the journey and activate her calling. Stepping out on faith landed her in situations interviewing Michael Costello, Tyrese Gibson, and even Loretta Devine. Her hard work and enthusiasm involving the industry has not gone unnoticed and we too are very proud of our new friend in celebration of her 2nd anniversary. The night brought out influencers from DC and New York City so you all can see the value Moguls in Media brings to the table and how Darcel sits firmly in her seat.

As the night continued I noticed the lightness in the room as many women were so open and friendly which gave the term “networking” a better feel to my introverts that are reading. So many times we get invited to things and anxiety kicks in before we even get to the event. This Moguls in Media Networking Dinner taught, pulled and inspired so many influencers that it will make you think twice about ever feeling anxious about going to a networking event. Which brings me to Darcel’s book that she has coming out “Tired of One Night Stands with Success” the book hints on what it feels like to be married to success versus just occasionally dating it. This concept is super dope and I think her book will be something we all can actually relate to. As entrepreneurs, I’m sure we have had our fair share of one night stands with success and this book teaches you how to be in a fully committed relationship with your calling. If you are interested in pre-ordering I suggest you do so soon! Thanks, Moguls in Media for inviting Hashtags and Highheels to such an inspiring event and ordering our steps on the journey to success. If you want to be in the room at the next event be sure to follow @Mogulsinmedia and, for more details on Tired of One Night Stands with Success follow @onenightstandwithsuccess.



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