• Danielle

If You Say it Out Loud, You Make it Real.

As my 28th birthday approaches this month, I typically take this time to reflect on what my last year of life has meant. What did I accomplish at 27 and in which ways have I grown? My 27th year was probably the most enlightening, it was my year of risk and man did I take a lot. I left a toxic job, I started our featured show One To Watch and I got to be in the presence of some people I truly admire (Simone Shepherd, Issa Rae & Ava Duvernay) just to name a few. All who left me with encompassing words of wisdom that reassured me I was on the correct path. Let's just say I planted a lot of seeds at 27 and with prayer and determination I will see the fruits at 28.

Now stay with me if you will. I'm sure by now you all heard the jaw-dropping, Shonda play too much, finally, it's happening news that there will be a Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder crossover episode that will for sure snatch our edges and leave us bald for weeks. What if I told you I manifested this script before it was even written. Well after flooded timelines and multiple texts of the Shondaland news I had to make it clear that this was my idea. Back in May before the Scandal season finale, I said to my coworker they need to do a crossover episode I thought it would be so epic. Then I said matter of fact I'm going to write the crossover episode and send it to Shonda. I managed to find my tweet receipts to send my friends, I knew I had tweeted about it, and there it was. So, of course, I tweeted Shonda with my tweet from May 4, 2017. No, I did not receive any reply or like but this was just another reminder that I'm on the right path. Guys I even went as far as writing a plot for the crossover that's how much action I took but being a baby screenwriter I couldn't quite get the storyline all the way together but once again I was on the right path.

You see how those seeds were planted and although the episode getting made isn't my script I still had the same mindset of two writers of the best shows on television. Back in December, I spoke with the SVP of Diversity and Inclusion at CSB who also gave me great advice on how to get my work noticed. I expressed to her that the next thing I want to do is writing for television. She suggested that I take screenwriting classes which will be the thing I do for my 28th year. I believe this was always my calling but it just took me awhile to realize it. My mother has always wanted me to be a writer and write for a magazine or write books and I always thought, absolutely not! Well, I am a writer, not in the same sense as what she wanted, but I am a writer indeed. Just look at what happened I could have had a writing credit on a Shondaland series, I mean I still will just not on this one.



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