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New Years New Looks

The holidays always comes around and I tend to start thinking about different holiday looks that will be comfortable and obviously fashionably festive. This year I knew I would be working on black Friday and wanted to be sure my kick off to holiday shopping was a look no one would forget. I decided that I wanted to incorporate metallics and velvets two concepts that don’t seem to go out of style for me. Another great point why I chose this look is because metallics can be such great neutrals and are great have all year for numerous styling reasons.The metallic skirt thats photographed {My skirt is the Pleated Metallic Skirt by Maeve} I have had for about a year now and I still haven’t felt I did it any justice when worn previously due to misjudged styling so I wanted to give it another shot.

This skirt is a zero petite due to it running so long and even me having long legs didn’t shorten It. The skirt tends to be ill fitting to me as well so every time I wear it I have to make sure I wear a belt to give me some hip and silhouette action. Also a great way to bring the femininity out in this look was the cognac drapey blouse with the high neck for a splash of sophistication. The mules I’m wearing are right on trend and due to the lack of low clogs or a covered toe mule shoe, I decided to go with a stocking socks to add more color into this look. This look is great for the coming New Years. Maybe a cocktail look and also a great idea for dinner night before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve.

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