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Rejection is Gods Protection

“Rejection is Gods protection” quoted Tamera Mowry-Housely. Recalling the lessons her mother taught her as she posed for promos for the upcoming season of The Real. These four words resonated with me so deeply because so often we question why. Why didn’t I get that job, why did I meet that person, why am I in this space where I feel like I’m not growing. Now some circumstances we see instant gratification and we can say phew definitely dodged a bullet there but, others we can’t explain.

Myself being a woman who trusts the path God has placed me on I know everything happens for a reason but, there are times where I wonder how these open-ended experiences will come full circle or will they ever. Well they say ask and you shall receive. I recently reconnected with a friend I worked with years ago at Victoria’s Secret. Since our time working together we have both gone off to pursue the thing we love. I never thought she would come back into my life and actually have an opportunity for me involving video production being she’s a hair stylist but, there she was. I was so eager to meet with her just to catch up and see what exactly she had in store for me. What I wasn’t expecting was an opportunity to produce a series she has in mind. Being a person who is very critical of my own work, always wanting to get better I was so elated that she thought of me. I met with her very confident in my skills and abilities letting her know I was the person for the job, which was a personal triumph because I often feel like I’m not good enough. I actually shocked myself just by my own knowledge and words of wisdom.

I say all this to say trusting God is all you need to do. The feeling I felt when my friend reached out to me was so fulfilling all I could say was “I see you God” because only he could bring someone back into my life from almost five years ago, where we both worked a job that was unfulfilling and, now we’re in this space of growing into our dreams and, we get to share an experience together. I actually started writing this post two months ago. All I had completed was that first paragraph I couldn’t quite find the words to get my point across and look where God placed me to be able to tell this story. Be kind to everyone because honestly you truly never know when someone unexpected will come back into your life and help further your growth to that next level of excellence you want to be.



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