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How to have Grace during Tough Times

After an interesting October (and when I say interesting I mean it) I realized that yet again October will always reign as the worst month for me personally; But, I realized God had other plans for this October when it just so happened that my annual summer trip to see my Dad in the south got pushed into October so the month started off well! I was able to catch up on sleep and enjoy being the daughter to the greatest man on earth. Well, I was knocked off of cloud nine when I got the news that someone close to my heart lost her mother. Still strong, I prayerfully got through that and even though I wasn’t able to be there for her the way I wanted I was proud of myself for handling it the way I did, hence I’ve been in the same boat with losing my mother. So with the storm along came the calm when I received a lovely opportunity to express my love for my craft. I was also able to attend an amazing event “The Girl that Sparkles” to remind me that when my crown feels dull there are fellow queens around to help make it sparkle and shine. October also brought a reunion between a close friend I haven’t seen in almost two years. The love from her felt even better to calm all the anxieties I had from earlier in the month. Overall October was an emotional rollercoaster with tears and victories yet here I am willing to share it with you all. How did I handle all the anxieties, pressure and pain? Here are a few tips to get you through difficult times to channel your grace and regain your footing in this hectic life we live.

Start with a Fast – for abundance This fast can be something so simple as no television, no social media, no meat or no sweets. But remember this has to be something historic meaning something you do all the time effortlessly that has become an addiction. This could also be something you’re giving most of your time to as well. Remember if you’re focused so much on ONE thing it’s more than likely prohibiting you from other things that need your attention. Determine what you need to gain by removing this one thing from your routine. Ask yourself: In order for me to gain ____ I need to remove ______.

Groom your Spirituality – for faith Ask God for a new encounter! Maybe your spirituality needs a makeover. Determine different ways to worship, pray or encounter God. For example, my one friend goes for a run every morning and has her morning prayer in the park. Me, I wake up early to give myself enough time to have prayer on my yoga mat in front of my window to see the sunrise. I even created my own mantra “Thank You God for meeting me on the Mat” faith alone carries you through so much in life so spruce up your practice to gain excitement and condition your faith.

Practice Affirmations – for wisdom Okay, I feel like I’m super late with Oprah’s Soul Conversations podcast (Apple podcast App) but I’m hooked. She brings such interesting people on and they speak about an array of different lifestyle topics. Another great person to listen to who was referred by Auntie Oprah (because she’s my auntie in my head) is Deepak Chopra if you have Apple Music or Tidal just type in his name and you will get so many short morning affirmations to focus on and also thorough explanation as to why you should focus on these specific affirmations. My favorite track from “The Soul of Healing Affirmations” track 18 Presence.

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