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Self Love Sunday: Ankara Bazaar

As you all should know by now here at Hashtags and Highheels we love a self love day. A day full of self care catering to the things that you love is something everyone should indulge in. For some that could be catching up on much needed rest or a little retail therapy anything that is going to put a smile on your face. For me this past Sunday I had an unexpected self love day, when we received an invite to Ankara Bazaar. An event full of culture “devoted to presenting A class vendors of African designs, supporting small business owners, celebrating family, and art, music and food in a beautiful atmosphere.”Of course we were so humbled to be invited to an event that seemed right up our alley. Upon arriving like always I had no idea what to expect but, what I experienced was wall to wall vendors beautifully blended with people of color. As I made my way around seeing what each vendor had to offer all of my senses were instantly enticed.

My first stop was to Mel’s Butter Blends. I couldn't resist an all natural hair product and with the seasons changing sometimes we have to shift our hair products as well so this was right on time. I was able to sample some of the butters in my hair and the smell alone was enough for me to say yes. Next I saw some waist beads which I would normally not pay attention to but, on this self love day I felt like I wanted to share so I decided to get one for Tiffany because she loves them. As I approached the ladies at Love & Liberty Lifestyle Boutique I fell in love with all the different colors of beads so much that not only did I get waist beads for Tiff but some for myself as well. I felt like such a goddess getting my beads tied around my waist.

One thing I always look forward to at an event with vendors is natural body care products, specifically soap. I found M*N*M Natural Products full of homemade natural soaps, butters and scrubs. In need of a new body scrub that’s what I went for. I’ve been in such a minty mood lately I’ve been adding peppermint to all of my teas so naturally I went for a scrub with mint. Something about the smell just gives me a jovial boost. Before I left the very last vendor literally near the exit was Love Notes LLC scented soy candles. I love to burn candles before I shower so when I return to my room it smells like a euphoric haven. These candles gave me all the feels so unique that they don’t come in scents but numbers so customers are more open to experience scents they may not be fond of without knowing.

As you can see I had an amazing self love Sunday and you should too. Find the things that truly bring you joy or just something that you miss that you haven’t done in awhile and do it. You will automatically feel better. Of course any day can be a self love day but we choose Sunday to set the tone for the rest of your week so find your love and enjoy.

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