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My Trip to the Korean Spa

On a recent trip to LA to celebrate my best friend’s birthday we decided to have a wellness day. First a hike at Griffith Park, followed by a little spa and to top it off a homemade vegan dinner. An amazing day well spent but the spa is what really had my mind blown.

So lets get into it shall we. Tea baths, Himalayan Salt room, Jade meditation room, dry and wet sauna sounds like a self care dream, there’s just one catch…you have to be nude. Yes I am talking about a Korean spa. Now when my friends first mentioned this to me I was like do we have to be completely nude or can I wear a bathing suit bottom we assumed that was an option until we got there and our friend Britt travel and wellness blogger from Prototype told us we had to be completely naked.

A female only facility I walked in not knowing what to expect other than I had to be naked. More than just your typical spa services the Olympic Korean spa offered a plethora of amenities to be enjoyed for a very reasonable price. I would have to say the hardest part was taking the robe off once we moved in to the mandatory nude areas of the spa it started to feel normal. I no longer felt naked. The feeling was so freeing I can’t even begin to explain it.

Lets see, first a dip in the Jacuzzi immediately followed by what seemed like an ice bath I still don’t know how I survived in the freezing water. Next a sweat out in the wet sauna, which I though was going to melt my face off from all the steam but, felt good at the same time. We then went to mediate in the Himalayan salt room which I was most excited about because I had recently seen something similar on a TV show. The ground covered in cool Himalayan salt rocks was a sight to see on it’s own. After mediation we headed to the tea bath which I’ve experienced in my own version at home but never anything this strong. The mugwort tea bath catered to everything you would want involving yoni health and maintenance. We finished with the dry sauna and oxygen room bringing everything back to center.

So enthralled by my experience I immediately was on the hunt for a Korean Spa in Philadelphia and I stumbled upon Chung Dam Spa and Fitness which I’m eager to try out. I would have to say I’m used to seeing my friends naked but for some reason this experience I seemed to feel closer to them. It may have been just casting inhibitions aside and just actually honestly not caring and being in the moment but it was definitely an experience worth reliving and should be worked into any self care ritual.

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