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Looks For The Books

So these particular looks got so much buzz during this years fashion week. I typically go for casual and comfy for fashion shows with a wow factor statement of clothing. If I'm attending an event I usually dress the look up with heels. In this look I wore a block heels from Target and my statement metallic skirt and fuzzy clutch are of course from Anthropologie. Threw on a basic white tee and there you have it.

This season in most of the September issues I saw many red on red looks or statement red accessories. Since people are wearing red in more obvious places besides their nails i decided I would pick up this oversized bell sleeve sweatshirt from Primark. I paired it with an ivory African necklace, a family heirloom from my grandmother. On this day I attended shows so my iridescent loafs where my top picks. Shop my last post if your interested in these shoes.

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