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The September Issue NYFW

Preparing for it is frustrating, managing invites are a headache and finding the right outfit feels like your searching for your wedding dress for Mr. Perfect. Yes! I'm referring to New York Fashion Week. Although you may feel like this post is a week behind I feel like its right on time because NYFW is finally over. This year I began planning for NYFW two months out {early July} I had begun sending out emails and creating hype around the blog to secure invites and launch dates. It's such a fun time to start planning because it shows how noticeable your blog has been thus far and you get your brand noticed by many great PR agencies for the seasons to come. Emails where getting sent two months in advance but of course follow up emails sealed the deal. This time is also a great time to meet up with different influencers across the globe to begin to establish great connections, gain new friends and have the luxury to say " we actually know each other" so away I drove solo to New York to meet up with the fab Brittany (@citystylebritt) whom yes I actually know from previously working together. While in New York we were able to run to a show on Friday just minutes after I arrived which took place at The Dream Downtown. After the show we were able to join the "end of summer soiree" and this is where we met up with influencers from the city Christy and Shelcy (@nycxclothes) for a night full of laughs, inspo and great vibes.

Day two brought a morning of sleeping in and dinner reservation with this group called "Dinner With Strangers" presented by Twill Events we basically sign up and get dinner reservations made by the creator Paula who matches a bunch of people together for dinner. But it's not as simple as you think, Paula basically has multiple dinners going on at once at different restaurants and each person that signs up gets there reservation sent to them and away you go, show up at the specific restaurant tell them your reservation is "Paula" and wait for others to arrive with the same reservation. Cool Right! Then at the end of dinner all the dinners get sent another meet up location where we all can go to meet the whole group and talk about our dinner with new friends because they are no longer strangers after the hour or two you spent having dinner with them. Our dinner had a total of 6 people where other dinners had up to 8 guests. Either way you guys get the concept and it was absolutely amazing!

The week continued with more shows and also a networking and influencer party for the app @muses which is app influencers use to get more connected with local bloggers and are able to collab on different projects. Shirley (@shirley) whom is the founder of Muses accompanied all the bloggers, photographers and business owners. Shirley spoke about how important it was to her for the turn out she got and meeting everyone in person and how much she enjoyed helping influencers get the connections they need to be successful. It was such a great time and I'm so happy I was able to join Britt at this event! I was also able to meet Jordan {New Friend Alert @runninginrockstuds} who accompanied me and Brittany to another show that we had such a great time at. This seasons looks are definitely something to be looking forward to for next year on the shopping scene. And I look forward to keeping in contact with all the new friends I gained during New York Fashion Week. Philadelphia Fashion Week Up Next

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