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Why Not Wear White

With the sun moving farther away from the earth we are beginning to see a lot more layering in wardrobe and also trendy cat eye nail polish colors that are returning for Fall. I can't tell you enough how much I am actually looking forward to this upcoming Fall season just based on the prediction from the runway shows in February 2016 we have a lot to look forward to. But before we dive into that, let's get into my most recent looks. Labor Day weekend is on its way and why not be rebellious and start wearing your white after labor day on purpose. I just recently bought some shredded white denim jeans on sale. I'm sure finding your all white looks won't be hard due to all the sales that are happening in stores. All the palettes are changing so grab yours quickly before it's all too late. With this look I chose denim jeans along with a camel knitted tank.

This camel color is hot color for me and I can't seem to stop buying it. The color just looks beautiful on my skin tone and many compliments follow after a day spent in this warm hue. My rebellious white came into play with my consignment blazer bought from buffalo exchange in downtown Philadelphia. The iridescent loafers are my transition shoe dream from Summer to Fall and I find every excuse to make sure I sport them on the most random occasions. The bag pictured is actually a make-up bag that I now use as a cute clutch to match the loafs.

This look is one of my favorites because most of the time when I'm outfitting my concept consists of three pieces. Similar to a guy and a three piece suite to get a better idea or a more styled look I would suggest shopping for vests, dusters, sweaters, blazers, vests, cardigans and kimonos to achieve your three piece outfitting which I adore.

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