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Why Patches of Color Work

We all are aware of the old fashion term Color Blocking. Remember? It was all about that random electric blue sweater with those lime green trousers and a canary yellow purse. Not going to lie color blocking is definitely still a thing for me even today! Probably a lot more watered down of course but it's definitely there. As we prepare are eyes for the fall shop that’s due to grace the boutiques and shopping malls we can finally say good bye to summer shopping in preparation for fall layering.

With fashion week coming up in September, August will be spent shopping for extremely quirky looks and one of a kind pieces. Which brings me to this knitted patch work top that I found while perusing through the sale section recently. On the fence about the purchase due to the pricing I still went ahead and purchased it for the summer because I found it to be very versatile. I decided to pair this knitted top with a lime collard blouse to bring the colors together and define the patch work detail. Anytime I have a boxy sweater I also pair it with something underneath to give more silhouette and of course much needed structure.

My next fave item with this look is my farmer's market wire tote bag. I'm so in love with this deep cognac color that I had to find some ballet tie up shoes to go with. These shoes have a block heel which has been extremely trendy during this season. The tie up matched perfect with the tote due its webbed strap. This look was super comfy with oversized harem pants to shake everything up.

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