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Taking Flight

About a year or two ago I read this amazing book called "Eat,Pray,Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Long story short it's about this woman who can't seem to catch a grip on her current life and what's going on in it, so she takes a leap of faith to find self. Although I haven't taken this leap of faith to find self, I ask myself day in and out, what are you afraid of? I recently had a conversation with a friend who felt the need to pour into me because she felt I was becoming empty. As friends I think it's safe to say that if a friend can feel the need to tell you about yourself then you both have mastered this thing called a "friendship"

I wake up, go to work, work and then go to work, I sleep hit reset and it all starts over again. It reminds me of the post I recently wrote about making sure you make time for things that fill you. Time off sounds good, right? But what about when you're actually taking the time off, the guilt and pressure of the thought that you want more so you should be doing more, not taking time off. Often I find my causal days off are just days to actually THINK these are days for you to prepare to take flight. After the above conversation and the shake up I realized that nothing is honestly holding me back except myself. It's not one of those unfortunate situations where necessarily need to be near family or have a significant other that would alter a decision, it's just me.

When a chick is learning to fly they initially wobble around take jumps for practice without going too far from home. But do you know the main factor in this scenario? The mother is nudging them making sure they are ready because she would hate for a predator to come before her chicks could learn to fly. Then I ask myself is that my issue, did I lose my motherly guidance too soon which causes me to take longer making a decision? These are questions I ask myself because of course the idea feels good but, my everyday hustle mentality causes my plans to backfire or just take longer than they should. I'm saving, saving, saving but it shouldn't just be for the next trip to then come back to reality and say "I need another vacation" I want to live the life where a day off doesn't have to be spent thinking about what my next move will be. I should just already be there.

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