• Danielle

You Can Paint Like this, Or You Can Paint Like That

Painting with a twist has almost become a staple activity in a girl’s night outing. I mean why not!? You can drink some wine and leave with an original picture that looks exactly like everyone else. Now I’m not knocking painting with a twist but wouldn’t it be more satisfying to leave with a true original piece of work that you actually sketched and painted from hand, not to mention painting outside in the park is so refreshing this time of year.

If this is the experience you’re looking for then you need to be at the next Brown Girls Paint. Hosted every Saturday and Sunday by Efi Green who is an amazing artist in her own right. She really shows you that everyone has a true artistic bone in their body. Now I had no idea walking into this class that I would actually be sketching, yes! sketching out a drawling and transferring it to canvas to then paint. Sounds like you need years of practice right? Not so much Efi truly instructs her class in a simple way that makes it easy to understand and translate to paper, resulting in you leaving with an actual original piece of art.

One thing to know before signing up is we paint jawns at black girls paint. Now a Philadelphian knows that a Jawn is a noun (person, place or thing) but when we’re talking about a girl or guy that is a jawn he/she is just really a cute and has a dope look coupled with a cool personality. A jawn usually wears there ethic background or culture on their sleeves with super swag and unapologetic confidence in their beliefs. With that being said no 2 jawns will ever look alike which is why this specific paint class is so refreshing. I left feeling like I can’t believe I actually sketched and painted I felt so accomplished like I could do anything. When I actually showed people my piece they couldn’t believe that I actually sketched with my own hands. But yes it is that easy and was so much fun that I will be coming back with girlfriends and mimosas in tow. Be on the lookout for the next Brown Girls Paint event on EventBrite.



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