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Why Millennials Are Drunk in Love in the Summer

We are all familiar with now new term “Adulting” which is what majority of millennials are doing now days being as our era {Born between 1982-2004} is just about done in regards to us being kids the youngest millennial should be about reaching their teenage years in high school preparing for college, summer jobs, so yeah they are adulating too. Our summers officially consist of work, work, work and occasional PTO and maybe a few faux sick days. I have noticed since the “Summer 16” anthem summers seem to always get me in a place of wanting more freedom. I find myself wishing I was a kid again with less responsibilities and more free time. I know it can be really frustrating to think about the fact that your growing up and your time is not as available to things that they used to be. But as I always say you make time for what you want to make time for.

I recently was invited to the beach and of course life instantly became better being as I am a beach bum by nature. While there I was able to catch up on some Z’s and also read my book that Danielle gifted me “Neon Soul” by Alex Elle. After reading and occasional kite flying breaks it got me thinking “Why does This feel So Good” it could be because I haven’t been to the beach since Jamaica which is unparalleled to any beach on the east coast or could it be that I was just high off life at the fact that I wasn’t adulting. In the summer millennials are more likely to seek out their options for the coming cuffing season. Why are we so drunk? Aka high off life, because when we have freedom or the slightest idea of freedom for example: schools out for kids, office is more slow, co-workers taking vacation, we too want that freedom because of our natural instinct in the summer.

But the fact that our nostalgic memories of summer when we were kids automatically kicks in we are more likely to act in excitement and seek more fun, this my friend is what we call our “drunk”. Our “Drunk” is basically endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine being released because of the freedom feeling the summer brings. We want to learn more about ourselves through solo travel and events. We are more likely to fall into our comfort zones and also take more risks in the summer.

So the reason why old bae is attempting to contact you is because as millennials and even as humans we are naturally in heat in the summer and our attraction heightens as the temperature rises. Not to mention the summer being a natural aphrodisiac as Will Smith tells us every summer. But with my curiosity came answers as to what I was feeling. So I challenge my millennials to pay attention to their body mind and what your body wants versus what the mind is telling you. Either way summer doesn’t last very long and before you know it cuffing season will be here ready to bring you home after your rebellious summer of stunting and adventures.


all of my instincts want

to collapse and fall into you,

headfirst and with no fear

-Alex Elle-

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