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Why You Need To Experience    Trap Karaoke

Do you ever just sing and dance with your friends in the house or in the car? Well imagine doing that with about 600 others. Sounds intimidating right, well the musical experience that is Trap Karaoke will make you feel right at home.

Now I’ve have had my fair share of musical festivals and concerts but never have I experienced something quite like this. Of course I’ve been to karaoke bars but nothing even come close to the vibe of Trap Karaoke. This musical extravaganza that got it’s start in Los Angeles is now on an official tour and recently partnered with HBO to screen the premier of Insecure at upcoming shows. When I first told people I was going, everyone kept asking “what’s that” and I’m like just what it sounds like Karaoke with Trap music duh but, it was so much more than even I expected.

Ok so you know how at the BET awards they perform everything. It’ll start with some trap, segway into a nice R&B throwback cut, then just a smidgen of gospel and then back to the trap. That’s exactly how this played out and I loved every moment of it. The show started off with just the host just playing songs with the crowd singing along which was all I needed that I almost forgot people were actually going to go up and perform. I really have to give it up to the people who actually did the karaoke and kept it going even after the music had stopped it was an amazing sight to see just watching them perform acapella with the crowd singing along was dope.

In between each cluster of performances the host would go right back to just playing music and having us sing each time it was a different genre. Stared off with a ton of throwback trap cuts that instantly brought me back to my college days.  We even managed to talk about the current state of racism and social injustice in America all followed up by Kendrick Lamar’s Alright My favorite would have to be the 90’s RnB were I sang at the top of my lungs during SWV Rain and of course this would not be karaoke without and 1 or 5 Beyonce selections. Now what none of us expected was the gospel selections but even still we kept it flowing singing all the words to Kirk Franklins Stomp and Revolution. It wasn’t until I heard Melodies from Heaven over top of the Crush on you beat that I was just like man this is the bomb like the dopest experience.

If you want to experience Trap Karaoke and all of it’s essence visit the official Trap Karaoke website for tour dates.



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