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Weekend Wins

So last week was quite eventful I was able to participate in Summer Solstice Yoga at Terrain and if you have no idea what Terrain is I suggest you go raid the site immediately after reading this post. As many of you already know I'm a true fan of yoga and allowing it to ultimately be my yolk and fill me from broken to whole again. But my yogic experience means a lot to me and it means even more when solstice or equinox arrives. Having been able to join other yogis in the Terrain garden was something I definitely wasn’t going to miss out on. The session started off in a barn because Mother Nature decided to let us know she wasn’t happy, as summer wouldn’t be right without a quick shower to moisten the air. Birds sung after the minor down pour along with a nice summer breeze to cool us down during Vinyasa. Our yoga session concluded with wine and saluting the sun as we watched it set. Friday eve came with a shoot for some new merchandise I just received and also dinner with the girls to catch up on a few things because our schedules seem to always clash and sometimes phone calls just aren’t enough.

On Saturday soft tones was the vibe and I wanted to sport classic basics along with a fresh color palette. I still wanted to stay close to the edge so I wore my denim vest with frayed cut sleeves as an off-set style piece. The humidity destroyed my hair so a bun it was for the remainder of the weekend. I wore my white festival kicks for comfort since I would be heading to my 2nd job later on that day. I also was able to go skating Saturday night at the Spruce Street Harbor Park which, I haven’t done in a long time and was super fun!

These are my weekend pick-ups from Anthropologie that I felt where saying "Take Me Home"

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