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The Nature of Art

Sometimes after a long day do you ever feel uninspired or your mind has been under active for too long? You work these long hours at the 9 to 5 that you call your bread and butter but even still it doesn’t feed you. Times when I feel so overworked and have an under active mind usually results in just being too tired to enjoy the things I love that feed my soul. I recently was invited to an art show and open mic and knew there was no way I was missing it but, also knew my work schedule could possibly make me miss out. Not until recently I realized that I sometimes need to stop giving away my time so easily to the things I don’t get fed back in return. Not saying I would be drastic and quit one of the millions of jobs I have but to simply now make time for them in between the madness of working two jobs and being a blogger.

My first scheduled event that I penciled into my new feeding schedule was The Nature of Art Open Mic and Art Exhibit. I love anything in regards to evolving your small mind to big mind. I arrived fashionably late although I missed the spoken word from a new friend Oba Sankofa who later told me he opened the show with some awesome words from his poem "I love Black People". The exhibit was accompanied by many vendors; Vashti Hair Bundles, Aya365 Body Care and accessories by Shade Eye Wear, to name a few. While there you could definitely feel the support as everyone was so friendly and eager to shop and share compliments.

The show continued with more spoken word from the lovely Aliyah Michelle as you could hear a pin drop after her piece called "Love Song" and as the snaps flowed after "Single Mother" another one of her very relatable poems about being a single mother and the beauty in the struggle. Dez Noland the mastermind behind The Nature of Art Open Mic made sure the guests where well fed and engaged with a catered event and raffle prices. During a brief intermission Dez even auctioned off one of his many pieces of art which was a first time for me to experience a live auction. There was music by TK Entertainment a trio ready to take over the tri-state area with their electrifying rap/hip-hop performance. Which I also later found out is from my hometown Chester, PA.

Overall this show was definitely something I needed along with allowing my empty cup to now be filled and soul fed with just so much #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy. It's all about letting go of small mind and holding onto big mind, allow creativity to show up in your life. Have you been feeling sluggish about things you love? Your sacral charka may be under-active get it moving by diving head first into things that reignite your fire to be creative and an Art show is great way to start.



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