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You Don't Have to Know Everything

Have you ever made a decision so quickly that it left you feeling nervous, excited and maybe a little crazy? Well that was me last month when while scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a post for a conversation with Issa Rae and Ava Duvernay. By now you all know how elated I am that black women are killing it in television and film on and off the screen and, Issa and Ava are at the top of my shero list. What the post described was a conversation with Ava Duvernay moderated by Issa Rae well I just knew I had to be in the room, which meant flying back out to LA just a week after I would be returning from the Coachella music festival.

My stomach was instantly in knots body racing with adrenaline, hands shaking as I started to text Tiff about this amazing opportunity. Her response was GO. No contemplating without hesitation just book a flight and go. As I started to look for flights I thought maybe I can turn this into a weekend getaway so with that I text the Molly to my Issa, my friend Felicia who unfortunately couldn’t make the trip but along with Tiffany encouraged me to go. So it was set in stone I was going, just needed a flight and a place to stay. I found the cheapest flight I could and began to text all the friends I have living in LA for a place to crash. Once I got confirmation of a place to rest my head nothing could stop me except maybe the fact that the tickets for the event hadn’t gone on sale yet. I felt so crazy for booking a flight across the country and not even knowing if I would be able attend the event but faith ultimately ruled out the fear and even while being on vacation I secured my ticket.

The time finally came after working 7 straight days and catching a flight after leaving work on a Saturday night I finally landed in LA. The day of the event I had no idea what to expect, for one I was traveling alone something I never do but, God puts us in uncomfortable situations for a reason. The event in Inglewood held in the Issa Rae productions building was so much to take in. I was trying so hard to think of a good question that

I wasn’t able to fully grasp where I was or what I was about to experience. As Issa Rae took the stage and proceeded to give a quick intro to visionary Ava Duvernay I felt my hands start to tremble as if they were about to call me to the stage.

Watching this conversation was just like watching two friends catching up after not seeing each other for a while. They were both so regular and the questions and answers just flowed and I was hanging onto every word. The one thing that Ava said which really resonated with me and will probably be my new mantra is “You don’t have to know everything, to do the thing that you know.” I often find myself in this space thinking that if I don’t know how to do all the things write, direct, produce I won’t make it but the truth of the matter is if I can do one thing well I still have something. I’ve been battling with myself about the direction I actually want to take my career and writing has become the next thing I want to do. Now I struggle with myself because I’m like we’ll I don’t exactly know how to write a script but I know I’m an amazing creative writer and that should be enough. I’ve decided that it is enough and I am going to start writing original content and hold on to that faith I can do it. Since I had been thinking about it all day when the question and answer portion finally came my hand shot right up where I asked “Was there ever a time where you felt like you didn’t belong in this industry and at what point did you realize that you had a seat at the table” Her response was at all times throughout your career you are going to be in rooms where it’s just not your cup of tea and you will feel uncomfortable so it’s always important to have something for yourself to come back to that is yours so anything negative doesn’t really phase you. Also no matter what just walk into a room with confidence because you are there for a reason. This is the reason why it

is important for me to continue writing whether it for this blog or my own scripts

and I’m making a promise to myself to just keep going.

Heres a clip of aSip with Ava Duvernay (Not my video)



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