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Why Contemplate a Much Needed Conversation

You know when you contemplate something for whatever reason only to find out that God already had some things in the works. Well this pass week was one of those weeks where I couldn't decide what to do, what to think, or efficiently get my work done at my 9 to 5. My friend had reached out to me about a fashion event that Fashion Bomb Daily's editor and chief Claire Sulmers was having and wanted to know if I was going, I contemplated for about 3 minutes and softly denied. The event "Conversations With Claire" which was ultimately a book tour bringing excitement around her new book "The Bomb Life" a memoir about her experiences as an upcoming blogger turned fashion mogul. At the time of my first word of mouth invite I had knew nothing about the book except what I read on social media. I felt bad I didn't purchase the book yet so it was pointless to go, I thought. So this past week #WhatTheElle approached me again about the event asking was I going and also informing me about a podcast that was happening later on that night in regards to blogs. So after this I was sure God had something in the works because later on that night I found myself emailing Fashion Bomb Daily to be featured as a Philly Blogger.

As I still contemplated about purchasing a ticket with only two days left I told myself after that night I would buy my ticket but not only a ticket but, a VIP ticket. Friday morning we received an email from the Fashion Bomb Daily team not only thanking me for the submission but, requesting my presence at the event! Gifting Hashtags and HighHeels not only one ticket to the event but TWO VIP tickets. I was super thrilled and honored by this email and of course I went and brought #WhatTheElle to tag along. The event opened with Philly's Power 99 radio personality " Mina Say What" whom was the commentator for the event. Claire spoke with such class and elegance. I can honestly say I really enjoyed viewing and hearing her speak. She was very open-minded and you could really tell how faith driven she was based on how vulnerable she allowed herself to get with the audience without it being emotional but, she was also very relatable. I look forward to reading the "The Bomb Life" and hoping to incorporate strategies she used to own the title of being named one of the 50 top most influential blogs in the world. I was able to meet local bloggers like myself and also bloggers that are only a turnpike ride away. This event only gave me more momentum to launch the new site that we have been working on, so please stay tuned and remember, every time we make plans God laughs because he is the ultimate decision maker.

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