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Top Designers for Philly Fashion Week Runway I

Last week was a week full of fashion fulfillment as we entered another year for Philadelphia to

showcase their talent in the fashion industry. The schedule kicked off at Philadelphia's very own

Sugar House Casino with a style gala. Throughout the week scheduled events consisted of a

trend VIP party, Haute Show and also a fashion panel on Saturday. I wasn't able to attend all of the

events due to my poor up keep with events and New York Fashion Week just ending the

week prior. I was able to view a runway show on Friday which was the first show of the weekend.

The season brought out some fabulous designs and concepts and I was really captivated by many

of the designers presentation. What I loved most about viewing the show is that each designer

had their own way of compelling the audience. Listed below are the designers and such

categories their collection spoke in such witty and talented ways.

Edwing D'angelo

This collection had men's clothing along with women's wear. The entire collection was red but the men's looks spoke extreme value to me while viewing.


Goth Sleek with African flair very futuristic. I enjoyed seeing the African flair coupled

with the futuristic vibes. This line was extremely interesting.

Shaheda Textiles

Caribbean Flirty with Cut Lace, this collection was essentially swim and it

embodied the Caribbean woman but also very American being styled with my kicks of choice-


Harx Four

This collection had a great concept from fabrics down to styling the most popular

print this collection had an history of was almost as if it was a hard brush stroked print, the styling was

modern military with minimalistic vibe.


Now this collection really had me engaged from the music choice down to the model

swiping her dress to reveal the red side of the sequin {genius} it reminded me of an urban

refugee someone fighting for their independence with the least physical effort but fighting with style. It was almost as if each model was an alienated solider. I loved this collection because to me it spoke the most ready-to-wear.

Jenny Lee Maas

Egyptian Metals with Quirky Head Pieces, her collection stood out because

it had many costume values which are wonderful pieces for festivals, Caribbean carnival and

also statement items which I think a lot of people are buying more of to pair with minimal basics.

L & S Collection

Glam Glam Glam! This collection gave straight Cookie Lyon from the drama series, Empire. Pieces in this collection could easily be sold in Sak's Fifth Ave. From stunning furs to perfect cut leather this collection had a little bit of it all which was also very ready-to-wear.



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