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What The Color Red Says About You

Red is the color of sex, love and passion. As I get older I'm starting to realize how many of the people I know around me love the color red and how I never understood it. Growing up in the urban community I recognized early on how much of the immediate culture always leaned towards red. Even down to the blogs logo having red in it, it's obvious that I can't get away from this color that I'm the least excited over. I decided to do my research on this particular color that I have bits and pieces of in my own personal closet but others seem to have quite the selection. It seems as if those who adore the color red are usually extroverts, optimistic, courageous and confident. Now I seem to embody all those characteristics. However, you will not catch me choosing red out of all the amazing colors in the rainbow. I personally feel like I gain the respect of others quite easily with my practical and grounded attitude and ability to set boundaries. Well it seems as if I should love the color red but I personally do no not. Studies show that if you love red you also are very action oriented and physically active; sex is a necessity to you with also very strong survival skills.

Recently while on a quick mall run to grab something to wear for my upcoming trip to DC I ran into this wonderful burnout red velvet dress that was screaming for me to buy. This dress wasn't just any dress it was super simple but screamed super sensual and sexy. Of course! I purchased it and while on my way home I caught a cold case of buyers remorse. I honestly was sick to my stomach thinking when and where I would be wearing this to. On a Date? Nope I'm free, Party? Probably a little too much, Dinner? Yea maybe, but when? How could I allow myself to buy this red dress which is completely against my shopping habits. As I sat in the car and pondered my thoughts about my new LRD {Little Red Dress} I started to feel stumped because I had no plans to wear it. Once I got home and tried it on, it was the perfect fit along with looking so fabulous against my skin tone. Of course calling someone didn't help because #WhatTheElle totally convinced me telling me how great this dress looked. So currently my LRD is in my closet waiting to be worn out on an ever so sexy night.

Never knock something until you try it because you just might like it or in my case love it. Below I've shared my LRD. Ladies I would love to see what you all are wearing for Valentines Day and where you all are going! Please comment and share below. And of course if I get any last minute plans you guys will be the first ones to know



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