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So here comes all the expected New Years post about everyone’s 2016 transition. Every year as expected I get really quiet when it comes to my usual writing and reading. The holidays are my favorite so I really try and focus in on my life’s greatest moments which are during the holiday and my birthday season. Wonder Women has official been able to rest and share some tea with you all. Soon after my wonder women post I had gotten so many requests to share my coming holiday which was Thanksgiving. But before I spill that #Tea let me fill you in on the year…..

Towards the beginning of summer I had officially became single from my previous relationship it kind of just drifted to the deep end of the pool and I could no longer tread the water so I decided to get out {to explain it in the simplest way possible without major detail} it became a sudden rude awakening because I was so used to being in a relationship during the summer that I now had to find other things to do even though I was still drenched from my swim {winks eye} So the summer came and went with summer nights in the city with new and old friends. The major turning point to my closure that I probably never got until recently resulted in a trip to Jamaica to celebrate my dear friends birthday {reference blog: Jamaica 101) A women’s retreat with Heal a Women to Heal a Nation{ reference blog : The Healing Process} Major book reading about love The Boyfriend Book, random beach trips and a boat load of events and art shows.

So fast forward to the holiday season and I’m able to literally witness what it feels like to be wanted, not wanted like “Oh, I miss you ” but wanted in terms of “I don’t think people really understand the caliber of women you are” type of wanted. I started dating. It happened around the fall season, nothing to serious, a casual drink here and movies there. So with the holidays approaching I started thinking how I would really feel being without a significant other. These thoughts only propelled me to show up for myself more and not care if I had someone else by my side.... hence Wonder Women for the Holidays. So, 2016 probably wasn’t my favorite year only because it taught me SO MUCH and honestly who wants to be taught the same lesson for 12 months, I don’t. It took towards the end of the year for things to start clicking but Thank God it clicked! What you put out into the world is what you will certainly get back. I put out love and received so much love for my 26th birthday. I took the leap and landed my promotion at work; I remained confident and got exactly who I wanted. Who knew?! I would be bold enough to initiate interest in someone, to travel alone, to get promoted, to find a 2nd job, to attend an event alone, to turn 26 and be okay with it …..Only 2016 knew! Happy New Year! And Hello 2017

By the way this red balloon sleeve pull-over has been my all time favorite item for the winter #FashionFinds

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