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Wonder Women for the Holidays

With the holidays comes renewal and excitement to share with family and friends. And of course what's the holiday season without a "bae" it becomes something you mentally prepare yourself for. I don't know what it is about the holiday that gets everyone so mushy, but truth be told I really do love the holiday season. I always told myself that when I have my own family that my home will house all of the holiday gatherings from apple bobbing at my annual Halloween party to having a Christmas tree lighting, I just love the holidays. It may be because I'm a Sagittarius and we naturally care about others feelings and how people are handled but, I've come to the realization to ask myself am I a holiday cheer-myster only when I'm able to share it with others? Okay when I say others I'm speaking in terms of a boyfriend, spouse, significant other. I'm coming up on my first holiday season in a while without someone to exclusively call mine. I guess I'll just be wonder women for the holidays, wear my cape and take this holiday on the chin, bae-less. When traveling recently I wore my lime lined Halsten Cape by TDM which definitely had me in girl power mode for the coming holiday. I literally couldn't take this cape off during the holidays it served as my date and true sidekick to my wonder women motives approaching.

I was propelled when someone asked me that question "How do you feel about the holidays and not having a boyfriend?" I answered as if I had already started preparing my liver for the alcohol she's about to consume because of that question. But I really had to snap out of it it's almost as if everyone around me is also going through similar emotions. I honestly do believe that once your friends hang around you long enough you all start experiencing things around the same time or situations tend to domino each other. Another conversation that I was having with my other close girlfriend which started in how I got designer shoes from Target, ended in how to ultimately heal from one relationship to another. She had been going on saying that she was in a rut over a relationship that didn't work in her favor so of course she called #TeaWithTiffany for retail therapy and to bounce back and reflect on the situation. So me being me I told her that she needs a distraction so that she doesn't have to think about why it didn't work or what it could have been, but then she stopped me and challenged that idea and asked, "What if the distraction is distracting me from healing too?" So I stopped and pondered how I never really thought about it like that.

Women tend to try and sweep a lot under the rug to please others but we never really give ourselves the time needed to cope and deal with what's happening or happened we are considered "Wonder Women" by default never giving our capes a break. This holiday season I challenge you to realize what's going on around you and grasp hold of what's happening now other than trying to be distracted from your feelings, breathe into the situation whatever it may be {finances, love life, moving, unemployment} embrace the cards that have been dealt and learn to play them rather than cheating your way through it or allowing your opponent to distract you from making your authentic best move. And Yes! This all has to happen while under the circumstances that you are in. Certain situations applies pressure which ultimately allows you to move faster out of the circumstance you’re in. A distraction will only band-Aid the hurt, guilt, and pain temporarily when really this wound needs air to potentially dry out. Yes, distractions are helpful but, are they beneficial? Are you being authentic or are you acting off emotions from previous hurts? So this holiday season I will be embracing with love and kindness and not letting what I see provoke artificial wants but embracing in a way to say to myself, I got next. But until then I know some retail therapy for my true wonder women will come about.

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