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As usual I seem to always redeem myself and come out winning after the October month is over. November has me feeling rich and refurbished with new concepts. Although the summer has ended I still find myself looking for summer in different things that I wardrobe. Lately I've really been flocking towards rich jeweled toned fabrics and colors. The reason behind this concept is because of the velvety warm look a jewel tone can give off.

For this fall season we all recognize the velvets that are gracing the stores and also, everyone's accessories but, what I'm noticing from this trend is that many of the velvet jewel tones are pretty burnt or dark for fall. Now this makes sense based on the changing of the season and burnt oranges that come with the fall colors. So I've decided to change things up a bit. On my way into the city I decided to wear a fabulous jewel tone and what better way to stand out than to wear a more rich royal color such as violet. This jewel tone violet blouse is the "Jackie O" from the TDM collection which, I made my staple for this weeks post. What is great about this look is that it can be very versatile from sexy sophisticated down to dressy casual.

All colors can obvious go with this look being as I paired it with a textured crop stretch pant and tweed cape. The neutral colors that I paired with this look was purposeful for my blouse to stand out the most to be my staple piece. Any color in the jewel tone family would work perfect with this look such as emerald, ruby, dark blue, and burgundy which is definitely a popular color this fall. The best part about this look is that I found this perfect thrift clutch that complimented the blouse with all the colors from the embroidery. If I were you I would definitely be on the look out for velvets and jewel tones on your next browse at the mall because the #JewelTone #Velvets are here to stay. Check out the details from the look below

Jackie O Blouse

Tweed Crop Cape

Embroidered Clutch - Thrift Find (but Pinterest has really great options if you search Embroidered Bags )

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