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Voting In Style

With everything that's been going on with the presidential election I'm sure it has everyone out of wack and literally functioning improperly. If you know me you know I'm not a fan of the elections or just politics in general. With the holidays coming right around the corners I have other things to focus on like preparing myself for the shopping and what I really want to get everyone this year. Already I have been invited to two apartment gatherings for my dear friends who are new home owners and I also have two Pollyanna's that I am apart of. I love the holiday season and what's to come from all the cheer. Even though my priorities may seem abnormal I've still made it my duty to make it to the polls today.

So I've taken a business approach to this weeks look to involve the polls and also to be an advocate to make sure you go out and do yourself a favor and vote. Even if you’re not the most politically savvy person your opinion still makes the difference in our country. I always think about it in this way, what if YOUR vote was the vote to bring the most change in the world.

The pants that I'm wearing are made by TDM and they are by far the most comfy and warm. I found myself not even needing a jacket for this look because I was super warm. I paired this trouser with a wooden clog to dress it down and threw on a funky wine color sock for trend purposes. Clogs and socks seem to be the #GoTo for me right now.

Now I know every girl has their #LBD {little black dress} but for this look I pulled out my #LBT { little black turtle neck} as I've stated previously in other posts I literally have a turtle neck in every color and silhouette they seem to never do me wrong. And to top of my look I brought my sidekick yellow tassel clutch as a statement piece and a simple accessory. Everyone seemed to appreciate my look on my way to polls so I'm curious what you'll be inspired to wear this voting season.

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