• Danielle

Melanin: A Digital Art Gallery

As of lately I’ve been really into the urban art scene here in Philadelphia. I’ve

attended many different art events throughout the year. My latest art pop was

Melanin: A Digital Art Gallery. Well I was already sold on once I saw melanin but I

had no idea what to expect from a digital art gallery.

Walking in the vibe and atmosphere was already set and I knew I was in for a good

time. Pieces from local artist were hanging everywhere in the art gallery. Opposite

with the art were fashion from local designers. The music was right and the drinks

were flowing but I still couldn’t figure out the digital piece. Amongst the artist pieces

were QR codes to scan, which unlocked even more art from artist featured as well as

artists without live pieces. I had never seen anything like that before which was a

very innovative way to be able to share more than what could be displayed.

I had a chance to catch up with the creator of the event Kwash (@kwizzyohsowavy) to get his inspiration behind the digital art gallery. “I wanted to create a different space for people to do something different other than going to the club. This is a way local artist can showcase their work and make a profit from their art.” Philly has so many local artist that I didn’t even realize. At each art show I attend I’ve encountered different artist. What’s so great about this Digital art gallery is that it’s actually a traveling art gallery hitting different cities along the east coast to give local artist time to shine. Be on the lookout to see if one will be in your city soon.



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