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Falling Back with "7016"

Now that New York Fashion Week has finished I found myself extremely overwhelmed soon after because Philadelphia Fashion Week was right around the corner coming full force. If you are a devoted reader of #TeaWithTiffany you'll for sure know that every year around this time I seem to "Fall Back"; literally, as if my body can't keep up with what's going on- on the outside. It's weird but none the less I'm starting to see the reoccurring behavior. I'm as excited about Fall as every fashion forward person and the newness that it brings but this year I decided to take a different approach to fashion week. Instead of me viewing millions of shows and being hopelessly in love with them, I decided to stay right here at home and get inspiration. Not saying I dislike fashion shows because I'm always down to go and view a show. But this year I decided to be the show! Yes, you heard correctly I'm finally going to campaign my own Fall looks for this coming season and I couldn't be more excited. Each week I'm going to focus on a different look with different pieces of my own wardrobe and designs from local fashion houses. It's so much talent right here in Philadelphia that I can't resist not shopping. Why fly to London when I have Harrods right in my back yard { don't get me wrong I'll still go to London } but my point is that sometimes we go looking for gold in gold mines when you could be sleeping on buried treasure at home!

So amongst my one-of-kind finds in the city I came across this very influential collection of pieces called "7016" by TDM { Tatiana D. Myers -Designer } this amazing collection is hand-sewn with brotherly love. I honestly couldn't wait until today because needless to say this collection will be in my closet soon and will be a part of my looks to come. After further diving into this collection the name "7016" came from the 70s era in which designer Tatiana Myers got most of her inspiration from. This line thrives of free-spirit intentions with silhouettes bound to make someone have a flashback of their 70s crush. However, with all that summer 16' has curated in us I feel that fashion has become more innovative, classic and chic which this collection carries very well and that’s exactly how "7016" was birthed.

When you think 70s I know you think of bell bottoms, tie-dye and psychedelic vibes. But let me reprogram you all "7016" is viewed with an upscale luxe perception. I'm such a fan of detail and hidden messages in a collection that I noticed all of the 8 pieces where named after a fashion and entertainment icons of the 70s, talk about mixing the old with the new. One thing for sure that I really love about fashion and just my own personal style is that I really enjoy feminine looking clothing. I'm not saying I don't dibble and dabble in gender bending looks but majority of my personal looks are feminine silhouettes. "7016" embodies the women and how she should look and feel especially being as these pieces are made to order. You can tell that Tatiana creates timeless edgy clothing to enhance women's silhouette but doesn't forget to make her feel chic and sexy. Go behind the threads and check out everything Involved with TDM from the woman power behind this collection where psychology and fashion collide. "7016" is out today you can shop this collection at www.tdmclothing .com also be on the lookout for my upcoming looks for Fall paired with "7016".



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