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I'm Uncomfortable

They say when God wants you to grow he’ll make you uncomfortable. I couldn’t quite pin point why I felt like I was in such a slump. I thought maybe it’s the change in weather, change of season, the moon the stars yadda yadda. It didn’t occur to me until the other day when I called out of work because I was extremely tired, and if you know me you know calling out of work is something I don’t do. I’m very respectful of the job even when I’m sick unless I cannot physically get out of bed I am there. That day I just felt like “I actually do not care, I’m calling out.” I even shocked myself, now granted I did have a very exhausting weekend since I worked Saturday and Sunday but, although I was tired I could have went to work, I just didn’t want to.

Well I came to the realization that I am uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I tell people I’m actually loosing brain cells at my job because I’m not being challenged and that is a very uncomfortable feeling. As some of you may remember about this time last year I announced that I was moving to LA. It is a decision that I know I want to make but, I also struggle with it out of fear. Although I’ve been saving I feel like I keep making excuses regarding finances but, always knowing that everything is going to work out. When I really think out about it “whats the worse that could happen” I have to move back home then so be it. Its a lot simpler than I make it out to be. And I just always have to remind myself whatever is going to be will be.

If you feel an uncomfortable or unfulfilling purpose it’s time to let go and grow. Leaving a once comfortable situation can be very scary we automatically think the worse but what if you are actually moving in the right direction. Even if you think the worse the alternative is the best thing that could happen to you and why miss out on what’s meant for you waiting for you to accept it.

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