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Runway Recap

August 20th , 2016 marked the 2nd annual Stomp the Runway fashion show for Rashad Corey Productions. Like I stated in the previous post I had the lovely opportunity to be casted as a model for the first Stomp the Runway against domestic violence and this year's cause we are stomping out Sexual Abuse and I was given the opportunity to be on the executive board for production.

Kicking off the show with designs from Kia Denise and as an opener to the event we had 6 models blaze the stage with art work from Desmond Noland with custom leotards with terms used in regards to sexual abuse painted on them. This scene really set the tone for the show because it represented going from being a victim to now a survivor, from having a dulled mindset to being revived with light and rejuvenation. The media coverage went crazy over this scene because of its message and seeing it go from paper to the stage was such a rewarding experience. From ready to wear to the celebrity catwalk that ended the show it was definitely a show you didn’t want to miss being apart of. So much of Philadelphia's talent was shown on this night from professional dancer Yvonne Winborne of NYC to live bands, artists and poets. What made this job so rewarding was that everyone who was a part of this production supported such a great cause. I also want to send a huge THANK YOU! To our Art Institute Interns {Pictured Above} who made backstage run so efficiently. I was even awarded for my hard work and dedication to Stomp the Runway from Rashad and that in itself is something I will forever be grateful for. #WhatTheElle has amazing footage from the show because reading about it just doesn’t do it justice watch below for a full recap of Stomp the Runway against sexual abuse 2016!

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