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Beads and Bitch

After such an emotionally trying week following the deaths of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling I was in need for a release. A change of pace, change of scenery something other than my social media feeds all full of emotionally charged opinions. It was time for some self-care. While scrolling through Facebook I came across a link my mom posted about different shops to visit in Philly and I found Fason De Viv. I was in love with their collection of clothes it all reminded me of what I imagine Solange Knowles closet to be like. Obsessed with her style I began to peruse through the sight where I found an events tab. There I found Beads and Bitch. With such an interesting name as that one there was no doubt I was going to attend not to mention get to check out my fantasy closet at Fason De Viv.

I honestly didn’t really know what to expect walking in other than we would be making jewelry, which I was really excited about. I’ve mentioned before I’m not a huge jewelry person but, I love one of a kind pieces and what’s more one of a kind then something you’ve designed yourself. Walking in I was immediately captivated by the décor of the store. I am a sucker for amazing décor it really does change the mood and feelings of the people in the room. A calming feeling took over my body and I didn’t feel like stranger in a room full of strangers everyone seemed like an old friend. Covering the room were beautiful women of all shades with tresses that look like mine, proud afros, locs full of fragrance, and braids filled the room. Now of course I couldn’t attend this event without #TeaWithTiffany the lover of all things accessory I knew this event would be right up her alley. All types of jewels, charms, beads and stones covered the table, talk about so many options so little time. We had the option of making a necklace, bracelet or, waist beads or multiple if you were feeling extra creative.

While making my bracelet I engaged in conversation with some of the women there and, it just really felt good to be around such positive feminine energy. As women we don’t always support each other the way we should and being around such positive women with amazing projects happening it just very inspiring.

After I was finished my bracelet I had a chance to talk to Reece the organizer of the event. I was interested to know how she started this Beads and Bitch series. “It started as me just giving beading lessons and there with my clients we would have such great conversations, it was almost like therapy. That’s when I had the idea to have a bigger gathering where people could decompress in a relaxed, positive environment. I wanted to show that everyone is creative to some degree.” Great conversation, laughter and jewelry is how I spent my night and it was just what I needed to clear my mind, reset and refocus.



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