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Jamaica Vibes 101

June 19th will never be the same for me! I had the privilege to travel to Jamaica for a special friends 25th birthday. As soon as I got word she would be traveling there I could not resist. Now, leading up to this travel arrangement the excitement was not there for me. Usually when I'm extremely chill about a trip is when I end up having the most rewarding time of my life. No exaggeration, when you see a completely different part of the world that you never imagined it really makes your heart skip a beat. While there I couldn't help but to be thankful for the abundance and polishing it gave my life. I traveled to Ochos Rio, Jamaica and I thought a lot about what exactly I should write about in regards to this trip but after reflecting on the trip I think me and the girls came back to the U.S with a "not putting up with bull-sh**" mentality.

We kept finding ourselves in conversations involved with our significant other or distant other. One particular conversation I do remember was one in the water on the beach as the waves gently casted us away. I was asked from one of the ladies "how do I handle it all" puzzled I looked at her and asked "handle what?" She replied life? With a deep breath I stated "I don't, I simply let go and let it all fall into place, I guess" Now as simple as it sounds of course it isn't really that easy. So many women in particular juggle so much that we tend to run away from issues that can be intimidating and overwhelming. Just like in my last post about the bridal shower I was proposed with, I was asked to perform even though I didn't know how to dance. In other words I was asked to do something I had no idea how to go about it. The point that I am making is that we are challenged with different things everyday that we may not know how to handle but we figure it out and that's exactly how I feel! I had ended up posting a picture that day from the beach on social media stating " To appreciate the Sun you got to know what Rain is" so people may have thought that was just a status to accompany the picture but that is up there for a reason.

We as women never really give ourselves the props where props are due. We accomplish obstacles almost every day of our lives and almost never reward ourselves. A reward could be as simple as taking a walk, quite time, or the best reward of all traveling {in my opinion} These things are always better to appreciate after a goal has been accomplished or another step has been ordered. The key to handling most things or everything at once is reward yourself for handling them and then, reap the benefits of the abundance through obedience. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. These things would have never gotten done had God not ordered your steps, putting your excuses to the side and get on the hot pursuit of obedience. Once you get a taste of what an accomplishment feels like it's addicting.

Once you have showed up to your challenge and God can see that you can handle it all, God will show out! While in Jamaica I was able to really understand what it is I needed out of a relationship and what I knew I couldn't accept because of the love I have for myself. I need you all to know that I wouldn't have came to this realization had I not been in Jamaica. I was able to experience an ultimate beach party with a bonfire included which would not have happened had I not went to Jamaica. Hint: Me rewarding myself only gave me more clarity over other situations in my life.

We have to remember to stay true to ourselves and not become distracted by family, spouses or friends. Please yourself first THEN everyone else, because life won't work until you do. How do I handle it all? I put my oxygen mask on first before I put it on anyone else.



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