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Hello June, Buh-Bye June literally June 2016 has been my busiest month by far. We are a little more than half of the way through 2016 and it has already been a great year for me. First, I need to apologize because this post is long over due but that’s the lifestyle I suppose. Experience it, process and write or might I add {binge write} so this June has begun with a little bridal bliss with my eldest sister's bridal shower. This process was a difficult one not only did the bride want nothing to do with it {I don’t blame her} but I had a multitude of ideas that I wanted to execute with no budget, no time and no idea what the bride wanted. The last thing I wanted to do was make this shower about me and things I like. Even though we share similar interests the pressure was on to impress her and make sure she felt extra special. So here are my tips and how I pulled off her bridal shower which, ended up being a huge success.

Brainstorming Your Theme: 1960s Femininity {Eves Bayou}

This will help you incorporate where to have your party so that the venue will match your theme perfectly. Also having a theme will then be your vehicle to invitations and other activities during your event.

Picking Your Venue: Terrain Garden Café (Mushroom House)

Okay so this venue choice was extra ordinary but also extra intimate. While speaking to the bride about her bridal shower choice she expressed how intimate she wanted it and how she didn’t want anything big. That key note showed me that which ever space I chose it would be quaint and intimate so my guest list couldn’t exceed 15 people. I chose this space because it could only hold up to 20 people max so that also gave me a limit to give the bride of who would be attending. This particular venue had its own bliss and not a lot of decorating needed to be done. Remember your budget is non-existent at this point so you want to book a venue that doesn’t really need a lot of décor.

Invitations: Hobnob

No budget no problem! Thanks to the modern technology of 2016 buying invites and confiscating everyone's address was not a part of my plan. Hello Hobnob! Hobnob is a free app which allows you to create free invitations and all you need is the persons email and/or cell phone number. By the end of the day all of the brides invitees had their invitation in their inbox or received a friendly text message about the bridal shower. So with every party you know there are always people who don’t RSVP, with Hobnob you can RSVP with a click of a button. Also with the invitations came driving directions which you could click and access which, is sent along with the two day reminder about the event, just in case you forget!

Generating a Budget: Action Plan

By this time I had everything planned out in my head, so now it was time to face the mother of the bride who would be essentially paying for everything. After my proposal to her and after efficiently telling her it wasn’t getting any cheaper than this, she was sold and she loved the idea. We were able to book the venue at a reasonable cost and after reaching out to others in regards to this shower I was able to generate a generous budget for this special day.

Décor: Coupons, DIY and Thrifting

Michaels craft store was the destination for me for all my DIY projects for this shower. The gold tube vases where spray-painted gold and, used as our flower arrangements base these retailed at about $3 or less each. The mason jars on the tables come by the case at about two-dozen for $8. The hanging paper lanterns are from Michaels and they retail at $22 but I got them for $11 with a 50% off coupon. Tea Lights come many in a pack which retail at $4 for a 40 pack. The golden star dust runner in the middle of the table was bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics $1.25 a yard {We have about 2 1/2 yards pictured) The lighting you see pictured are lantern bulb lights and can be purchased for $5 a pack {Pictured are like 6 to 8 packs) your lighting will depend on length and how many bulbs on the line. Our exterior décor was thrifts and refurbished!

The mirror was spray painted gold and the stork had a good wipe down and was ready to be used as a balloon weight. Our "Always and Forever" signage was bought at Michaels for $14 but I got it for a spanking $7.

Overall this bridal shower was a success and the bride was extremely pleased with our efforts to make sure she felt special on the days leading up to her wedding. I want to thank @Candicreationss for her expertise in helping me pull this shower together and making sure the our décor flowed and was flawless. Terrain Café was an extreme help in helping us execute this day and I can't thank them enough for having such a beautiful venue to create memories. For any DIY help or questions please shoot them my way I would be happy to help and share ideas with you all! That’s all the tea I have for you in creating a bridal shower on a budget.



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