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Manayunk Arts Festival

Summer time in Philly means festivals. Everything from cultural, music, and art there’s something for everyone. This weekend I stopped by the Manayunk Arts Festival. This 2-day festival hits Main st every year featuring over 200 artists showcasing everything from paintings to sculptures, and handmade items such as jewelry, body care and even furniture. Artist from all over the tri state area come to the Manayunk Arts Festival to showcase their pieces. Most people I spoke to either had actual stores or online stores where they sell their work outside of festivals and shows. I did come across one woman who had amazing leather goods and I was so anxious to get a card from her and when I asked she didn’t have any. She explained she lives as a traveling artist so her pieces can only be bought during art shows. I was so amazed by her dedication to her craft and having the luxury of just being able to travel with your work and see peoples reactions to it in person.

Contrary to #TeaWithTiffany I’m not a huge jewelry person, it’s basically my huge hoop earring and that’s about it but, I do love one of a kind pieces. There was so much different jewelry to choose from any girly girl would have been in love. My first stop was 5one7 designs. Their earth-toned collection immediately caught my eye. Lately I’ve been very into earth tones and neutrals and this collection was just that. My favorite pieces were all the stackable bangles and bracelets a little arm candy never hurt anybody.

My next stop was No27 collection before I even noticed the jewelry I was more captivated by the display. Necklaces suspended from paint dusted branches and rings sitting atop small decorative stones, although I was outside I felt like I had just entered a store. Past the décor was another amazing collection. I was very drawn to the leather cuffs hand crafted from old belts unique in their own right each one not like the other.

As I made my way down main st one of my last stops was an artists that I was drawn too because I saw so many familiar faces in her work. Colorful faces of Sade, Prince, and Frida Kahlo and many more filled the space occupied by Art Physic. I was literally in love with everything that I saw that I had to buy a piece Allegra the artist, paintings made me think of the international pop art exhibit I had recently saw at the Philadelphia Museum of Art her work fit right in. Of course I had to make a purchase and then I realized I had just purchased my first actual piece of art. Supporting others in their dream really makes me feel good and I’m in love with my piece.

Last thing I cannot forget to mention is what is a festival without food and free samples are my favorite kind. Lots of different local eateries had free samples of some of their popular dishes. My favorite was Yuengling Ice Cream which was much needed on a hot day such as this one. With over 15 flavors of ice cream they have something for everyone. If there is an art festival coming your way be sure to check it out, you will be so surprised with how many artists with amazing works are living right in your neighborhood.

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