• Danielle

Odunde Festival

This past Sunday I attended the Annual Odunde Festival that takes place every June in Philadelphia. This African festival celebrates African culture in all facets including music, dance, and of course food. Last year was my first time going to the festival as an adult where I could actually remember things. Everywhere I looked there were men and women with skin flawless skin steeped in melanin and proud to show it off. To see women who look like myself donned in head wraps and just about every natural style you can think of was beautiful hints of #BlackGirlMagic filled the atmosphere.

Along with the aroma food from every street corner my favorite part of the Odunde festival is all the vendors. Everything you can think of one of a kind pieces such as handmade jewelry, purses, and traditional African attire and of course my favorite shea butter and incense. Amidst the hot weather I enjoyed seeing everyone celebrate and just love being black. Celebrating that our color does not inhibit us be it’s the very thing that makes us stand out. The history of this country was tailored to make us hate our skin, hate our features, hate ourselves. It’s important to love ourselves and love our culture we are raising a generation influenced by social media that will have them to believe big hips, full lips, and cornrows started with Anglo women. I proudly say I love being black and every year the Odunde Festival is just a small reminder of why we rock.



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