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So as you all may know I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love and along with Seven Rules to Live By I wanted to do a review on this book as well. I grabbed this book because of it's extremely relatable title, which are also three of the main things I have been leaning towards in my years as a 20 year old. Eat- we'll that's self-explanatory {skinny girls loves to eat} Pray- 2016 is all about obedience and what better way to show it than by praying more {and obviously other ways of being devoted} Love- I've been reading about love more than ever, questioning my friends about what love means to them and what it feels like from their perspective {going through my own love heartbreak} So the book automatically screamed at me from the shelf.

After reading what it was about I was instantly hooked. I had also heard about this lovely book from the motion picture that was made in 2013. So like most readers, I wanted to read the book before I see the movie. It's obvious that all the juicy stuff that a director may cut out may still be in the book. It took me about a month to read the book along with living life, traveling and being a socialite which is why this blog post is long overdue. I'm currently on this nice little train ride so I decided to be a good writer and write. Anytime I read I literally like to dissect the book and really Read and Reflect hence the title of this post. Eat, Pray, Love started off with Elizabeth Gilbert {main character and author of the book} wanting more out of life other than what others expected of her.

Her house, husband and New York social scene wasn't enough--- or was too much for her, either way she found herself constantly questioning " why aren't I happy yet?" I know what you ladies and gents are thinking, what's not to be happy about? And might I add she had her career in the palm of her hand. But none of these things mattered to her in this story because even the most well put together person can be a dissembled mess. She ended her marriage and was on the quest to really find her happiness. She wanted Dolce far Niente which in Italian means "the art of doing nothing"

It's not like she wanted to sit around and abandon her life but she wanted to abandon the life that society tells her she should have, for a life more blissful and rewarding. The book tells us about her journey to Italy, Indonesia and India. She embarks on this journey purely for pleasure, devotion and balance. Once I got the concept I thought Wow! How many of us can honestly say that we have a pleasurable life with devotion and balance? Liz goes to look for these lessons in a journey across the world. Her family and friends thought this was a little bit over the top to do but she did it anyway. We have to remember what is for us--- is for us, it's not for anyone to understand but you and God.

I connected with Liz on so many levels of this book, because honestly she is so misunderstood. And at times I feel the same way. I'm so over the traditional things of life I really want more in depth, deep, transformative, divine Ah ha moments out of life. I'm over the constant social media update and electronic form of recording every step of the way. Although I still do it because it's a part of the now and everyone is so demanding of other people's time, but what about right now? We lose focus on life and this is when we have to redirect everything to get back on track or to even establish half of what it is we need to focus on. Since this book, my faith and sense of placement { my direction or focus in life } has totally changed. Lately, on my heart drastic measures have been laid there and need to be put into gear. My obedience has been hiked up and my total way of thinking has been liberated. I see a lot of things more clearly and honestly I hear God speaking to me more than ever.

In the book she struggles with who God is to her and how her devotion reflects what she does. I challenge you to have integrity in your life as Liz did, literally the day after I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love I got an email from my normal email subscriptions but this particular email was different from the others the title read "I Quit My Job and Moved to Bali" an editor almost mirroring the same thing Liz did in order to be more and live more. What is your redirection? Where is God redirecting you to? Whether it's another career, a move, getting into a relationship or leaving one? In your current season now where are you being redirected to? Because whether you think you're in the right lane or not I'm sure some other vehicles {distractions} have directed you somewhere you now recognize as a known hell when you have yet to find your unknown heaven.

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