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I will admit reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Not just any reality show I like to partake in a turn up whilst I watch hence Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This week's episode along with the arguing and shade throwing snuck a very positive image in there. The men of the show (whom actually all can seem to get along) had a father and kids day. All the dads came out with their kids and had a play date. I thought this was the cutest thing ever. You don’t typically see dads organizing play dates that’s usually a mom thing but, not only are they men at a play date they’re black men spending time with their children without having to be asked.

This isn’t the image of black men that’s usually portrayed on television, films or even social media but it’s something I’ve never seen on reality television the “baby dad” is typically the “bad guy.” Personally I love seeing dads with their kids I know a lot of great dads that really love being dads and I think it’ such a beautiful thing I can’t help but gush. After watching this beautiful moment play out on television I had to tell #TeaWithTiffany.

She agreed with me in gushing over seeing men loving their kids but she also challenged me in saying “why do we get so excited over seeing black men with their children, it shouldn’t look foreign but because it’s something that we don’t see all the time it does.” That really made me think so many times we focus on the negative more so than the positive. You’ll almost always see a post of dead beat dad before you see something about a good one and rarely do you ever see anything about a dead beat mother because trust and believe they are out there. We should be celebrating more positive images of everything instead of shining the brightest light on everything that’s negative. Being girls all of us here at #Hashtags And HighHeels love our fathers and being from a blended family I have the pleasure of having two. In an effort to help spread the positivity check us out with the men we love the most.



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