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Omg I can’t today, like I just can’t right now, seriously I’m done like I can’t. Common phrases we typically use every day when we just don’t feel like dealing with a situation. Really when we say “I can’t” it’s not that we physically cannot we just don’t want to deal with whatever in this very moment but, isn’t it always 10 times worse when you later have to revisit the situation. Although we may say it in a joking manner saying those two words “I can’t” still can have a negative effect on your life.

Karma is a word people often tend to throw around when they’ve been hurt by someone in hopes that, that person will also be hurt in another realm. Do you ever think about your own karma how the negative things you say not about others but about yourself have an effect on what happens to you? Joking or not if you’re constantly saying “I can’t” in any sense you won’t be able to do anything. Spewing negativity will not bring any positivity into your life.

I’m currently reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay and it’s all about turning a negative mindset into a positive one to allow positive energy to flow into your life. Now you might think well “I’m not a negative person, I don’t see the glass half empty” but in actuality we all give off negative vibes in our own way that we may not realize we’re doing. Which is why I used the phrase “I can’t” because it’s become something that we just say all the time not realizing how negative that phrase actually is and the negativity the universe is receiving from us. One of the first lessons people often teach their children is to never say “I can’t” because you always can. So the next time you find yourself not ready to deal with a situation instead of saying “I can’t” just say I will not let this situation affect my positive atmosphere and keep it moving. Proclaim it and it will be done.


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