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Does anyone love Sundays the way I do? I still find it hard to believe that Sunday is actually the first day of the week and not the end. It doesn’t even feel like I'm beginning a new week when Sunday is approaching. Well this past Sunday #WhatTheElle demanded that she would have her Sunday in the city, so I invited myself. I remember when Oprah started the OWN network and she had a show that would air on Sundays which was called soulful Sundays. The show was an hour and each week would be a different practice or speaker and also a meditation. That’s when I realized not only would I incorporate some self-love practices into my Sunday but I would also unapologetically do things that I wanted to do. So off we went into the city we started off by visiting Little Spoon Café {which I found} lately I have really been into small shops and small businesses, so I have been going out of my way to find these little diamonds in the rough. I had a caramel latte which was divine! I get slightly teary eyed when I notice things about myself such as growth. Normally I'm a tea drinker by choice but today when I asked for a latte I shocked myself. These self-care Sundays are really transformative for me guys; do you find beauty in growth and change? I no longer am the same girl I was 4 years ago and that’s so exciting to me.

We then visited The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the current exhibit is their POP Culture exhibit which obviously housed Pop Culture artists such as Andy Warhol and many others. It was nostalgia for me to be there because of my art school background and many homework assignments I had to do there. I plan to go back really soon for the upcoming exhibit approaching next week. Feeding my soul this weekend really helps out with the rest of the week. I feel sometimes when we work the 9 to 5 jobs we get famished in our soul because the place we spend 8+ hours a day doesn’t feed our dream nor add to it. But I do know that it is up to you to create the life you want to live and then do it! If it isn’t coming fast for you create what you know will help in-between the time spent during your no looking back and not yet. Sundays like this play a major part in my well-being and the difference it makes is life changing.

Sunday Outfit Details

Scarf Anthropologie

Red Bag:Express

Denim Button Up: Zara

Shoes: Thrift Find



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